To Whom It May Concern (Unfiltered version)

Letter of Recommendations: I've written a lot of these lately and usually choose my words and descriptions carefully. But if you want to know the real story, here's how I see it! For the brave teachers and administrators @ Paradise Intermediate School To Whom It May Concern, It is an honor to recommend my colleagues … Continue reading To Whom It May Concern (Unfiltered version)

Exclamation Points! (at OSH!)

Years ago, I taught a creative writing class to juniors and seniors. One girl,  Katie,  loved to punctuate her stories with style-- primarily with exclamation points.  Her stories were filled with them, so many on one page. This wasn't typical for a high school junior, so I finally asked her, "Why so many exclamation points … Continue reading Exclamation Points! (at OSH!)