FEBRUARY 2019 highlights:

PBS News Hour video clip: Filmed in February 2019, an update on Paradise’s recovery. Paradise Intermediate @ OSH is highlighted in the first 2-3 minutes. Elaine Collins is a featured counselor who has come to work with Paradise teachers and students for the past 3 months. Thank you Elaine!

Middle School Kids are Amazing: Kindness Gram from Culver City Middle School to Paradise Intermediate  

Ways to support #campfire teachers and students:  Color a Classroom With Love: Amazon Wishlists: 


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I’ve spent the last six weeks in Mindfulness sessions. My mind has been pinging all over the place and I’ve been learning how to find some calmness. Every Wednesday, I’ve sat in a half circle just listening along with about 10 other Paradise educators. I’m grateful to Rosann, our leader who generously volunteered her time … Continue reading Gratitude

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