To Whom It May Concern (Unfiltered version)

Letter of Recommendations: I've written a lot of these lately and usually choose my words and descriptions carefully. But if you want to know the real story, here's how I see it! For the brave teachers and administrators @ Paradise Intermediate School To Whom It May Concern, It is an honor to recommend my colleagues … Continue reading To Whom It May Concern (Unfiltered version)


I've spent the last six weeks in Mindfulness sessions. My mind has been pinging all over the place and I've been learning how to find some calmness. Every Wednesday, I've sat in a half circle just listening along with about 10 other Paradise educators. I'm grateful to Rosann, our leader who generously volunteered her time … Continue reading Gratitude

Exclamation Points! (at OSH!)

Years ago, I taught a creative writing class to juniors and seniors. One girl,  Katie,  loved to punctuate her stories with style-- primarily with exclamation points.  Her stories were filled with them, so many on one page. This wasn't typical for a high school junior, so I finally asked her, "Why so many exclamation points … Continue reading Exclamation Points! (at OSH!)

Attention Shoppers: English Class on Aisle #14

Bewildered, confused, overwhelmed, excited, relieved, optimistic, frustrated, bitter, envious, amused, creative, entertained, innovative, exhausted. . . . If you wonder what it's like teach at Orchard Supply Hardware, or OSH, I'd say it depends on the time of day you ask. Now, after two weeks at OSH, it's starting to feel normal. Almost.  That's the … Continue reading Attention Shoppers: English Class on Aisle #14