I've spent the last six weeks in Mindfulness sessions. My mind has been pinging all over the place and I've been learning how to find some calmness. Every Wednesday, I've sat in a half circle just listening along with about 10 other Paradise educators. I'm grateful to Rosann, our leader who generously volunteered her time … Continue reading Gratitude

Attention Shoppers: English Class on Aisle #14

Bewildered, confused, overwhelmed, excited, relieved, optimistic, frustrated, bitter, envious, amused, creative, entertained, innovative, exhausted. . . . If you wonder what it's like teach at Orchard Supply Hardware, or OSH, I'd say it depends on the time of day you ask. Now, after two weeks at OSH, it's starting to feel normal. Almost.  That's the … Continue reading Attention Shoppers: English Class on Aisle #14

Normal. . . is not Normal

Three weeks of frightening  stories, face masks, hugs, tears, pictures of friends' houses burned, and the new terms: #campfire, #paradisestrong, #ridgestrong #buttestrong. No one has been left untouched. My fellow teachers, most who lost houses, and some like me who lived in nearby towns, attended emergency school board meetings and listened to  local press conferences. … Continue reading Normal. . . is not Normal